Beginner course

Your journey as a boxer starts with our beginner’s course. Here you will learn the basics of boxing within 8 weeks. Different boxing and attack techniques are on the program, as well as strength and endurance training.

You don’t need any experience: our beginner’s course is especially designed for female starters.

You get an all-round training in coordination, endurance and strength at high intensity. The focus is mainly on strengthening your body and mind.

Our beginner’s course covers:

Training fee beginner’s course
160 EUR for 8 Weeks
– includes 2 Workouts per week (10 EUR/workout) –

Advanced course

Once the boxing virus has got hold of you, you can move on to the next step: the advanced course.

You will learn new boxing techniques with attention to footwork, defences and attack techniques. Strong legs, buttocks and abs are the key to good footwork, so this the focus. The intensity goes up with new strength and conditioning forms and heavier abdominal exercises! Challenge yourself and increase your strength, coordination, speed and endurance!

After this course you will go through life as a Boxing Sister Pro!

Our advanced classes are all about:

Training fee advanced course
160 EUR for 8 Weeks
– includes 2 Workouts per week (10 EUR/workout) –

Note: To take part in the Advanced Course you need to have completed our Boxing Sister beginner’s course or at least 6 months of boxing experience.